jaylens gm app plz accept me

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jaylens gm app plz accept me

Post  jaylens on Tue Jan 20, 2009 12:43 pm

Name: Jaylen

IGN :Jaylens

Location: Maryland


Hobbies: Basketball football Kickball

Why should we choose you out of a million: Because u will never find a gm as experanced as i am. casue i not all gm skills and comands and i already have a gm guild book. I am very nice very cool and i will help the server all the time and relieve stress from fellow gms.

Have you had any experience being a GM:Well, once a was a gm on CloudsMS they said i was a good gm and i stay online at a good time.

Reason why i'm not a GM anymore: It got closed down for life

Will you donate ? yes

What can you do to improve the server:Host events and have daily summonings and work hard

Are you confident in becoming a GM: yes

On what days are you online ? 24/7

How many hours a day are you online ? about 7 to 24hours

Will you level your friends and give them items ? no but i would help them if possible

What's your forum user? jaylens

How can we contact you? hamachi malikrwmitchell@hotmail.com


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