My GM application part 2

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My GM application part 2

Post  f4rt4l0t on Sat Dec 27, 2008 4:49 pm


IGN :SuperKiwi



Hobbies:Basketball, playing this server, and football

Why should we choose you out of a million:well ive been a gm once i dont hack abuse my powers and im on 10hours 7 days a week so i could keep ppl from hacking and i know all the gm codes

Have you had any experience being a GM:yes

Reason why i'm not a GM anymore:the server crashed because of to much spawning in fm

Will you donate ? i will try to donate if needed

What can you do to improve the server:i can make ppl join to this server by making a vid about it or being in charge of events

Are you confident in becoming a GM:yes i am very confident

On what days are you online ?sunday monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday and saturday

How many hours a day are you online ?10 hours a day

Will you level your friends and give them items ? not if they been hacking or been reported many time they must desereve it

What's your forum user?my forum user is f4rt4l0t

How can we contact you?by email or in the game my email is


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