My GameMaster Application

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My GameMaster Application

Post  UltimaRai on Sun Nov 23, 2008 12:42 am

Name: Rai Valen Ultima

IGN :UltimaRai

Location: NY


Hobbies: Gaming,Basketball,And Hanging Out

Why should we choose you out of a million:Because I Know When To Have Fun And When To Be Serious.I Don't Tolerate SHIT

Have you had any experience being a GM:Yes

Reason why i'm not a GM anymore:The Server Went Down

Will you donate ?Up To The Maximum I Could Spend

What can you do to improve the server: Host Events,Tell All My Friends,Go On Other Servers And Advertise

Are you confident in becoming a GM: Heck Yeah

On what days are you online ?EVERYDAY 24/7

How many hours a day are you online ?Didn't You Read The Other Question?

Will you level your friends and give them items ?The HELL No They Ain't Special

What's your forum user?The Heck IS This?

How can we contact you? UltimaRai Is My AIM Username

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