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Renos GM app

Post  BOOM_HEADSHOT on Wed Oct 15, 2008 10:01 pm

1. Whats my name? My name is Renosis Diwa

2. Whats my ign? My ign is reno

3. Do I have any exp in gm? I have exp 2 servers ban tons of hackers and lots of events.

4. When and how long? I have played 2 months FunMs, and 1 month SageMs.

5. How can you help this server? I can help the server by catch hackers easily, make many events, and I am very active.

6. If I saw a hacker what would you do? If I saw a hacker and was a gm follow them for about 10 minutes take SS then ban depending on what hack they use. If I was a regular player take SS, tell a gm then get them ban.

7. If you saw a harasser what would you do? If I saw a harasser I would jail them depending on how long or bad they harassed the victim.

8. If someone finds you abusing your power what would you do? If I was abusing my powers I would apologize and then make up for it then stop abusing my power. Then tell Admin to strip my powers and give it to some who deservers it.


9. Where do you live? Holbrook, New York at the moment but I am moving this Saturday August, 30th to Medford, New York.

10. Reason for moving? Habitat for Humanity. Me and my brothers applied 7 times and now we finally got our house.

11. How old are you? I am currently 15 years old with 3 brothers.

12. How Many servers have you played? I have played at least 8 servers and got 2 gm jobs. This would be the third if I get the job.

13. How long have you played this server? I have played this server for about 1 and a half months so far. At least 3 months in other servers.

14. How long did you play global maple story before you started private servers? I have played GMS for at least 1 year, and helped many people and caught many hackers.

15. Have you stopped anyone from quitting any server? Yes, I have stopped 3 people from quitting so far Heidi, my friend 0utcast and my friend Evelyn from quitting completely.

16. Do you get mad easily? Yes, depending on what happened earlier, most of it is from real life stress.

17. How long do u play daily? About 6~8 hrs but I switch with my bro a lot cause I get tired of playing in a day. So when I let him play I make sure he doesnít do anything wrong.

18. If someone was trying to make you abuse your power what would you do? I was being abused I would jail the person or temp ban them after telling Justin. If they were to try again I would perma ban them.

19. How many times have you replied? I have replied 1 time so far. I hope I get it on my 2nd try.

20. When were you born? July 12th 1993.

21. Why do you want the gm job? I want this gm job because I believe I would be a good gm and I would

22. How do you act under pressure? I think I act very well under a lot of pressure I can handle a lot of different situations I already get and have gotten spammed because I was a gm already so it isnít new to me. I will try to answer everyoneís questions I will never ignore anyone.

23. Are you a committed person? I think I am very committed I donít get distracted easily, I donít procrastinate anytime. I know there is many things that will have to be done and I will try my best to get it all done.

24. Do you get mad easily? Well yes but only if someone is yelling at me or tries to distract me. But I try to handle it fast so it doesnít turn into a huge fight.

25. Do you like doing events? Yes I like doing events to entertain people and sometimes
waste time.

26. Do you think you can improve as you go on as a gm? Yes I think I can improve a lot after it is all settled

27. How do you think you can improve? I can improve by helping people a lot more and try a lot harder to find hackers.

28. What do you do if some one is getting mad and begging for items? First I would tell them I cant give anything out it would be favoring and if I gave something to you I would have to give it to everybody, if he keeps begging I would warn him to stop and if he wont stop I would jail him for an hour.

29. Why did u decide to start playing maple story? I started playing maple story because I think the graphics r good and I like meeting new people. I have met many new people just by playing this game, I had the chance to meet Justin, Jenny, Heidi, and many others just from this server alone.

30. If someone asked you to ban someone for no reason what would u do? I would have to say I cant ban anyone that doesnít hack or harass because that would be abusing my powers.

31. Are you a confident on becoming a GM? Yes I think I am confident, I can become friends with anyone if I tried, I try my best to be a good gm.

32. If you knew that you were getting sick and couldnít play what would you do? If I was getting sick I would ask Justin to make some one else a gm.

33. If you saw a person threatening a player what would you do? I would tell him to stop threatening people or Iím going to temp ban u.

34. Do you think you are qualified to be a gm? I think Iím pretty qualified Iíve had a lot of experience with being a gm Iíve been friendly as a gm and I host many events for fun.

About meÖ

I am 15 years old very active and have good experience as a gm. I live in Medford New York starting the 30th Thanks to habitat for humanity. So I wont be playing the 30th ~ 3rd .I have no father he left my family before I was born but Iím suppose to visit him every year. I have fun with my dad.

Onto the server

I try really hard to find hackers and make friends with people. I donít like hackers even if they were my best friend I would still get them. If anyone was to harass someone I would make sure to try to stop them. I donít get distracted easily but I get really mad easily. I like to help people I try to help as much as possible. I like to play this server because I have a lot of friends here. I have brought 2 people to this server so far I will try to get more as this server goes on.

help as much as possible.

I hope you pick me for the GM jobÖ Weíll see in the future

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Re: Renos GM app

Post  Thanh on Tue Oct 28, 2008 8:30 pm

Too much info


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